Director/animator Brian Haimes tinkers, invents and plays in any world he can create and the worlds are many. Through his mastery of Stop Motion, Traditional Animation, puppets, mechanisms and After Affects Brian is able to bring his creatures and creations to life.

After developing an inevitable and all-consuming obsession with 1980's Gumby and nabbing a degree from SVA, Brian hungered to understand the mechanics of stop motion. The action of dissembling things was the only way for him to put together his understanding of them. So now he does it all: imagine, concept, build, animate, and composite, all in service of a great story.

Brian has distinguished his art form by applying huge ideas to small mechanisms. From fabricating Muppets, to inventing puppets with opposable thumbs, building mind-bending miniatures and rube Goldberg Machines, breathing life into animatronic inventions and stop-motion features, and bringing whimsical vision to live-action, Haimes lets his imagination lead the way and allows his hands to follow. Past clients include: Tumi, Mary Kay, History Channel, BBDO, Disney and the jim henson company.  


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